Thursday, April 26, 2007

Diving In

Welcome to my blog! This is mostly for you, my faraway friends, to share bits of Marine life featuring Rock Mama (me), handsome husband Papa M, the always fascinating daughter Rosebud and our regular cast of characters. Thanks so very much to dear friend Haus Frau for blog inspiration.

Wow, it's really early in the morgen. I've just walked up State Street to work through bone-chilling sprinkles and must now melt this phantom frost. Time for more refreshing, life-giving coffee. A fascinating launch for this blog...stay with me, I will wake up.

A bit later: I opted for Yogi tea rather than coffee (or rather MORE coffee) and it did the trick. Perhaps it's the anti-oxidants, which promise to keep me from aging, as does my rock and roll lifestyle.

Sometimes Rosebud sings to us, completely unself-consciously and with these great, dramatic swings to her lovely, maiden voice. The other day, looking me right in the eye, she started singing a GREAT song. I listened, wondering where this song came from. When she finished, she said, very matter-of-factly, "I made up that song in my heart." Where did this child come from?! Is she really mine?

Tonight I may go see my pal Bucky play music, a venture that also offers time with Thuy, Miketaylor, and Eebelle. And Lake Louie milk stout. The other option is being a big baby and staying in my sweet home with my sweet family. Tough call.

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HausFrau said...

hooray! the chef & I look forward to following the adventures of Rock Mama, Papa M and sweet Rosebud!