Sunday, July 29, 2007

Delightful Meager Harvest!

Thanks very much to a truly effective scarecrow and Papa M's diligent green thumb (and despite urban bunnies), a former gravel driveway has become our bountiful garden! The corn was delicious, but the bowling balls were a little tough.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Papa M Simpson

My dear husband....

Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat Psychic

Today at work my colleague Krashkar told me about taking his kittycat Woody to the cat psychic over the weekend. Woody was not keen on the idea and set up a wail, but Krashkar picked him up and hauled his furry tail in to the nice magic lady. She set the kitty on her lap and asked Krashkar if he had a question for Woody. He did! Why, he wondered, was Woody always so damn whiney? With closed eyes Woody psychicly told the nice lady that he missed his "little buddy". No one really knows who the little buddy might be, but there is speculation that s/he may be a litter mate. Krashkar's other cat Lucy, said Woody, has too many rules and is not fun to play with. Woody then relayed that he would like more kibble and that he is often very gassy. That concluded the session with the nice magic lady cat psychic. I believe that the lesson here is that Woody and Krashkar's venture into the astral world is 40 bucks well spent!

Friday, July 13, 2007


Tomorrow is the birthday of my dear amigo and music partner Eddie! He says he's turning 28 but I happen to know that that's a big, fat, adorable lie. Ed and I have been rocking, writing, yapping, and all the good stuff for about six years now, and I've never met anyone with such BAM! POW! energy. I mean, look at that face. His repsonse to any suggestion is "Yeah! Totally! Let's do it!" The man is an inspiration and his heart is big and full and golden. Happy birthday, Eddie! SMOOCH! (Do you want rum balls with that?)

Thursday, July 12, 2007


It's been two years since my pal John was taken from us, along with his closest compadres Doug and Michael. I still think about him a lot, still see Becky when I can. He put so much goodness in the world and had a mighty, loving community. John, I'm so happy that you were here and that I knew you, and I'm so sorry that you're gone. I still get the urge to email you sometimes.

Monday, July 9, 2007


On Friday night I got a coupla bad shrimp and ended up with my first-ever (and, please god, last) bout of food poisoning. It is indeed a mean and gruesome malady. AND! I got it right at the start of what was supposed to be Date Weekend, as Miss Rosebud was visiting Amazing Grandma Grace. Rock Mama was truly not feeling romantic. Ask me to bitch about it and I'd be happy to.

On Saturday we'd planned to go to the Farmers Market which was, as it turned out, not in the cards for me. I awoke to a thick, hot day, the hum of the fan and an empty apartment. And, to this note taped to the diningroom table:

"I have wented to the Market of the Farmers. You looked sleeping , so sleeping I have let you for time. I am loving of yourself and want healthy things at you. Vegetables and objects of tasty food will I have bought for us and will also come home after the buying. Do not vomit or die!"

It was signed "The Papa M". Now, that's good medicine. Is it any wonder that I love him? Naw.

Tuesday, July 3, 2007


Quiz question: Can you find the rock stars at the Farmers Market?

Hint: There are three of them.


Summer hasn't held much travelin' vacation time for the Marine environment these past few years, and that's just fine. What I love just as much is OTHER people's vacations, when it's other people I love vacationing in Madison. The warmth and constant festivities has already drawn travelers from each coast and Rock Mama is overjoyed.
What a happy, musical reunion we had when Antonette and her sweet fella Greg came to town. 'Nettie and I used to share a home and a radio show as well as musical aspirations. Now she and Sweet G travel the world (for real) making their beautiful music as The Hobbyists. I hadn't seen her for 6 years before this visit and it was a very special, fun and amazing reconnection. After playing a gig together (with me in my new ukulele project The Meeses), we went to the farmers market, a craftacular, an outdoor party, and my favorite foody place The Weary Traveler, sparking ideas and finding joy in just catching up. In the evening before they left, they played a song on our organ at home just for Rosebud, who grinned from my lap. Keep your ears open for a Nettie/Rock Mama musical collaboration in a future near you!
As if that wasn't enough, I also got some local yard time with dear Carlo, who was passing through town in his many travels. Oh Carlo, dear friend, brother, sparring partner and honorary gilrfriend, it's like you're still always here! Huzzah. Despite also being a wandering minstrel, laying footprints from here to New York to the UK to Australia, Carlo still keeps the roots down in my town. We lolled in the back yard of his house, yapping happily (he, tiredly and me, sippingly) while Papa M and Rosebud played in the grassy expanse. See you in September, Carlo!
The threads never wear thin. I am blessed. Now, keep an eye on the calendar for August arrivals of Straubs and Nurse Jen.