Monday, July 23, 2007

Cat Psychic

Today at work my colleague Krashkar told me about taking his kittycat Woody to the cat psychic over the weekend. Woody was not keen on the idea and set up a wail, but Krashkar picked him up and hauled his furry tail in to the nice magic lady. She set the kitty on her lap and asked Krashkar if he had a question for Woody. He did! Why, he wondered, was Woody always so damn whiney? With closed eyes Woody psychicly told the nice lady that he missed his "little buddy". No one really knows who the little buddy might be, but there is speculation that s/he may be a litter mate. Krashkar's other cat Lucy, said Woody, has too many rules and is not fun to play with. Woody then relayed that he would like more kibble and that he is often very gassy. That concluded the session with the nice magic lady cat psychic. I believe that the lesson here is that Woody and Krashkar's venture into the astral world is 40 bucks well spent!

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