Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The First

Today is the first anniversary of the wedding of Papa M and the world's happiest, most amazed (still) bride. I have a cold and look like a horse, so our special dinner date has been postponed, yet I am still so happy I can hardly believe it.

Sunday, March 23, 2008


Oh, my! After some recent talk about revisiting the music of our favorite rock geezers, I must say that X, I allow you the passage of time! It seemed as though the set, with it's two encores, was about ten mintues long, so absorbed in the music was I. Every song was my favorite. They performed beautifully, brilliantly and looked like they were having a good ton o' fun. John and Exene still reign with best! harmonies!ever! Exene's argyle stockings were icing on the rock legend cake. Billy Zoom, though mildly creepy in his agedness, is still grinning and playing with effortless powah. They were genuine. They were still one of us. I, an official senior scenester, do indeed grant this band the passage of time.
I must commend my friend Dammitz for taking the B&W photos posted here, while I grabbed the pitiful, tiny color shot of Exene and Mr. Zoom. Wow. I finally saw X!

Friday, March 21, 2008


Tonight I'm going out with all the other local old people to hear X. The closest I've ever gotten to this was when I saw The Knitters. Billy Zoom is the charm and I can't wait!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Back Burner

(Thank you, Haus Frau)

As Johnny Cash said, I don't like it, but I guess things happen that way. Many of you know that I've been playing music as the head mamacita of MaeR*e aka briefly the Wrong W+ys for a big lotta years now (I think about six). On Feb. 26 we played what may have been our last show together. We can't stand to say that we're breaking up, so the band is officially "on the back burner". That keeps an opening for possibilities, which I like. Meanwhile, I will really miss making good music with Ed, Patrick, Peter and Steve, and will miss being in their company so regularly. No bad blood runs between us and we're all a bit sad, but I believe it's wise to know when a good thing has come to an end. Viva rock and love to my band mates who are my dear friends!


Rosebud gets a special pancake today because she has a cold and needs to feel better. Papa M is on the job with a hot pan!

Friday, March 7, 2008


Rosebud's good pal Nadja is here to tell you that, yes, it IS possible to eat too much macaroni and cheese.

Reign of Babies

It continues to rain babies! Here is the THIRD wee one to bless my realm in '08, with another tiny love due to arrive in North Carolina next month. Mercy. Rilo Cash came into the family of my dear pal Papa 9Dorf on February 27th, about two and a half weeks earlier than expected. Everyone is healthy, ecstatic and in love. He gets to meet Auntie Rock Mama and the Marine Environment next week. It's so good to have the new little one close enough to hold in my arms.

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My Baby

Our one and only child was registered for school this week. WOW.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Nothing About How It Snew

Did you notice that I didn't mention anything about snowfall, Ice quakes, or blizzards in my previous post?

Why I Love My Life

I started thinking about this last week when I came home from work rather exhausted. Papa M was cooking something that smelled delicious and said, "There's a wine tasting downstairs and you're invited. " He then suggested that I should go down to the C&B and taste some amazing Austrian wine while chatting with the winemaker while M finished making dinner. This is not an unusual welcome home.

On Sunday we three went out for brunch to my favorite place, which you see in the photo here. Note the plates of lovely food and the content looks on our faces. Rosebud was enjoying the Ace Burger, which was named after one of her best buddies. I had an egg sandwich with avocado (hello, Librarian), pico de gallo relish and chipotle mayo, a side of yukon gold potatoes, and a pint of Bells' Winter White. Papa M had the self-explanatory Bad Breath Burger.

The whole scene was very entertaining, including the table behind us of loud, happy goth hairdressers having breakfast cocktails and playing the game of Life. One of them was adorably stretched out in the booth having a little nap. The table on the other side was a dashing, mischievous-looking Guy Table. There were about six fellas and a big bag of golf clubs. One guy came to be called (by us) Da Vinci because of his wild beard; he was seated next to the shaggy guy in the cowboy hat who was yacking in a lively manner with The Indian Grad Student. Later, as they waited for the check to be settled, a couple of them went out to take a few practice swings with the clubs outside the window nearest to us. This is my typical life and I love it.

Thanks to everyone for the grand birthday wishes and for being part of this wonderful, happy life I live.

And sorry I'm so behind in my blog!