Thursday, September 18, 2008

Summer Flower

I think that Papa M's flowers are getting ready to say good-bye to summer. After this weekend I'm willing to do the same.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


I heard just yesterday about the suicide of Dav1d F. Wallace. This makes me sad.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

TCOTW-Pick Axe Blonde Ale

Tanch0, the band in which I have the pleasure of bassing and yowling, is fast becoming a canned beer band. According to a brewmaster at this week's featured brewery, “In terms of packaging, the can is better in almost every way. It’s kinder to the environment, it’s more convenient, and most importantly, it’s better for the beer. Basically, it’s a fist-sized keg.”Our weekly tastings happen in the course of rehearsals and luckily, all four of us enjoy exploring new and various hoppy delights. This gives me a great opportunity to share with you the Tanch0 Can of the Week (which may not be a weekly installment).

This week's can was chosen by Zero, who easily admits that the choice was based on artwork alone. He said the pick axe girl reminded him of yours truly (must be the big, uh, braids). It was a fine Pick Axe Blonde Ale brewed by Keweenaw Brewing Company in Houghton, Michigan. This is a light, super-drinkable ale, probably best enjoyed on warm days, but good when you want something just flavorful enough that won't kick you in the head. Definitely malty, just a bit hoppy. Excellent band rehearsal beer! We each enjoyed two cans and hit each note throughout the evening.

Friday, September 12, 2008

After School

La la la, home from school. Perhaps a visit to the local liquor store/playground/family bosom is in order.....

Nothing like a cold can of faux lemonade while chatting with Teena and Conrad, then....

...Bam! Out cold after long hours of filling the eager little brain with kindergarten knowledge.

School Report: The Second Week

Kindergarten is going beautifully for our little Rosebud. I can't believe how quickly we've all become accustomed to such a stunning change in our lives. Our girl learned within the first few days of early rising to hit the snooze bar on her alarm clock and dive back under the blankets (clearly, she's her mama's daughter). Overall, she's great about rising and eventually shining, eating breakfast while watching S1d the Sc1ence K1d, because, according to herself, she's outgrown Sesame Street. She crashes hard after school and welcomes a nap on the livingroom futon just about every day. I come home from work and wake her up with loud smooches on her ear. Then she tells me all about her day. So far I've learned that Eli picked on her, Dustin missed his mom so Rosebud comforted him, and Wolfie is very cute. And she brings us artwork! I'll keep you posted on School Life for the next 13 years or so.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Welcome Back!

My dear, sweet friend Buddycakes and his family have moved back from Dublin and are once again nestled in the bosom of their local family! It is a blessing to have my dears near. Welcome back, darlin's.

Wee baby Freya, the image of her papa.

Buddycakes and his babycakes.

Mrs. Buddycakes and Rock Mama have a yack.

Brass Blast

Apparently, there was a lot of brass band action last weekend. We were very pleased to join this group of fine, fun-loving and talented fellas as they celebrated 15 years together as our city's quintessential brass band. We spent all of Sunday relishing happy music, free spaghetti and lots of sunshine in their honor. Ah, just another day in Paradise, basking in the joy of the life we have here.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

School Begins: The Rosebud Report

Rosebud? The transition from little girl to school kid was seamless. She's a natural and school couldn't have come too soon. Papa M and Rock Mama are bursting with pride (between bouts of personal weirdness). The days ahead are crazy and exciting!

Rosebud pow-wows with her teacher Mrs. Y.

Rosebud comforts Rock Mama in the schoolyard.

First day stroll to school.

Rosebud and Claudia Le Kitty wave good-bye.

School Begins: The Mother Report

The mother seems to have survived the one and only child's transition to School Kid, after Second Day Ever of studies is completed. The expected level of Mother's recovery is indeterminate, though we remain optimistic as long as the current regime of comfort food & drink is not interrupted. Our basic report follows.
Total number of weepy breakdowns: 4 (and counting), the first of which occuring during a family viewing of Wall E, culminating in a grand display upon depositing the child in her classroom and stepping slowly away from the building.
Comfort items ingested during 24 hour period prior to beginning of school year: 1 bottle of Bell's Oberon (during aforementioned viewing of Wall E), 1 bottle of Sprecher Abbey Triple, 1 boiled egg, warm rotini with salt, 2 cocktails (Milagro Tequila and apple juice), 3 slices of pizza (previously frozen), 1/4 oz. of Rescue Remedy (essence of clematis, impatiens, cherry plum, star of Bethlehem, & rock rose mixed with brandy and water).
Both mother and child are doing well. Especially the child. The child is, in fact, FABULOUS. Report on child to follow (possibly later today if the child bothers to call her poor mother during mother's work hours). Photos will be included (images may include weeping mother).
Report on Father expected within 5 business days.