Friday, September 12, 2008

School Report: The Second Week

Kindergarten is going beautifully for our little Rosebud. I can't believe how quickly we've all become accustomed to such a stunning change in our lives. Our girl learned within the first few days of early rising to hit the snooze bar on her alarm clock and dive back under the blankets (clearly, she's her mama's daughter). Overall, she's great about rising and eventually shining, eating breakfast while watching S1d the Sc1ence K1d, because, according to herself, she's outgrown Sesame Street. She crashes hard after school and welcomes a nap on the livingroom futon just about every day. I come home from work and wake her up with loud smooches on her ear. Then she tells me all about her day. So far I've learned that Eli picked on her, Dustin missed his mom so Rosebud comforted him, and Wolfie is very cute. And she brings us artwork! I'll keep you posted on School Life for the next 13 years or so.

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