Saturday, September 13, 2008

TCOTW-Pick Axe Blonde Ale

Tanch0, the band in which I have the pleasure of bassing and yowling, is fast becoming a canned beer band. According to a brewmaster at this week's featured brewery, “In terms of packaging, the can is better in almost every way. It’s kinder to the environment, it’s more convenient, and most importantly, it’s better for the beer. Basically, it’s a fist-sized keg.”Our weekly tastings happen in the course of rehearsals and luckily, all four of us enjoy exploring new and various hoppy delights. This gives me a great opportunity to share with you the Tanch0 Can of the Week (which may not be a weekly installment).

This week's can was chosen by Zero, who easily admits that the choice was based on artwork alone. He said the pick axe girl reminded him of yours truly (must be the big, uh, braids). It was a fine Pick Axe Blonde Ale brewed by Keweenaw Brewing Company in Houghton, Michigan. This is a light, super-drinkable ale, probably best enjoyed on warm days, but good when you want something just flavorful enough that won't kick you in the head. Definitely malty, just a bit hoppy. Excellent band rehearsal beer! We each enjoyed two cans and hit each note throughout the evening.

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