Sunday, March 23, 2008


Oh, my! After some recent talk about revisiting the music of our favorite rock geezers, I must say that X, I allow you the passage of time! It seemed as though the set, with it's two encores, was about ten mintues long, so absorbed in the music was I. Every song was my favorite. They performed beautifully, brilliantly and looked like they were having a good ton o' fun. John and Exene still reign with best! harmonies!ever! Exene's argyle stockings were icing on the rock legend cake. Billy Zoom, though mildly creepy in his agedness, is still grinning and playing with effortless powah. They were genuine. They were still one of us. I, an official senior scenester, do indeed grant this band the passage of time.
I must commend my friend Dammitz for taking the B&W photos posted here, while I grabbed the pitiful, tiny color shot of Exene and Mr. Zoom. Wow. I finally saw X!

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HausFrau said...

Love the pictures, the geezers and the argyle socks..!