Tuesday, March 18, 2008

The Back Burner

(Thank you, Haus Frau)

As Johnny Cash said, I don't like it, but I guess things happen that way. Many of you know that I've been playing music as the head mamacita of MaeR*e aka briefly the Wrong W+ys for a big lotta years now (I think about six). On Feb. 26 we played what may have been our last show together. We can't stand to say that we're breaking up, so the band is officially "on the back burner". That keeps an opening for possibilities, which I like. Meanwhile, I will really miss making good music with Ed, Patrick, Peter and Steve, and will miss being in their company so regularly. No bad blood runs between us and we're all a bit sad, but I believe it's wise to know when a good thing has come to an end. Viva rock and love to my band mates who are my dear friends!

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HausFrau said...

fare thee well maerae -- looking forward to your next musical adventures!