Monday, February 11, 2008

It Snew

Finally, I am emotionally prepared to post these photos from our notorious blizzard, which nobody enjoyed last Wednesday. We got a foot of snow in one day, some say more, and I can briefly join those who REALLY complain about the local winter weather. Usually, it's a mere annoynance to me at worst and often I enjoy the winter prettiness. I haven't much sympathy for those who moan about it as though they don't realize that we live in the Mid-friggin'-West were this happens reliably all the time. But I was stuck in it, as I ridiculously decided to be a "trooper" and take my post op footy to work. After half a day of whiteout, I knew I needed to git back to the safety and warmth of home. The bus trip that typically takes 20 minutes tops took me over an hour and a half with no promise that I wouldn't be forced to break down and make a desperate call, probably from a bar, for assistance from home. I made it. Tonight we're supposed to get up to six more frozen inches.

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