Monday, May 12, 2008

Holes in Me Head

I had all of my wisdom teeth (and a baby canine for good measure) pulled a couple of days ago. My devoted husband was in the recovery room, camera in hand. My good sportsyness is probably largely due to painkillers. I look forward to my return to planet Earth, and solid food.


HausFrau said...

impressive RM, you are certainly cashing in on that health insurance with all this poking and pulling. Smart move to get it all over with at once. ; )

Enjoy the pudding and the painkillers and feel better soon!

Delia said...

Aw, pobrecita! I had no idea that those extra toofs had been living in your head all this time. They must have been causing a ruckus, but now it'll be all better, yes? Hope you're not too swollen and sore. Hooray, pills!
Love you, Deedle

The Librarian said...

Youch! And you never said a word. Looking forward to helping you kill any residual pain this weekend.

Rock Mama said...

Thank you, HF, the pudding and painkillers are healing me. But I'm ready to hold off on further repairs fr awhile!