Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend of Nonstop Fun: Friday

Miss Heather says, "Howdy!"

Yes, there really are pillow-strewn, powder blue banquettes on which to lounge while enjoying good company (see above) and sensible imbibing.

How about some shuffleboard whilst watching the Cartoon Channel?

Papa M reflects upon his luscious, shaggy locks.

Finally, I have a few moments to document our weekend of nonstop fun, which began with our dear Miss Baker's Inheritance Sale. The sad news is that we fogot to take photos, but it is certainly worthy of mention nonetheless. Miss Baker attaches emotional weight and meaning to inanimate objects (a notion to which Rockmama is no stranger) and therefore has accumulated piles of STUFF. In a liberating show of disipline, Miss Baker decided to have a mighty yard sale and sold her beloved stuff on the condition that each new owner must hear the story of the object being purchased. I became the very fortunate owner of a pair of red cowgirl boots with gold stitching that had been worn once by Miss Baker as a part of a Hee Haw girl Halloween costume.

As documented in the images above, we celebrated my acquisition by going to Rosebud's favorite bar to visit Miss Heather and have a cool drink(including the world's best kiddie cocktail for our good-looking daughter). This lounge is now one of my favorite relaxing joints!

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