Sunday, January 11, 2009

Buh-Bye, 'Noids

The sweet Rosebud has had much trouble getting air through her head these past few months, and it was discovered that she had enlarged adenoids. The cool Dr. Coop recommended an adenoidectomy, so that's what was on our dance card on Friday. It just wouldn't be January if we didn't have surgery scheduled, now, would it??

The 'Bud was a superstar throughout the whole process, and remained brave and cheery. How often does a girl get to wear boots with her jammies, anyway?

The surgey staff let us goof around with medical accessories to keep ourselves amused before the procedure. We took full advantage and it made having to get up at a beastly hour a bit easier to handle.

Of course, the whole family took part in the fun-having. Note Rosebud's fuzzy reindeer, whose name is Comfort. The nurses nearly melted when she told them that.

This was the hard part, and I'm happy to say it was relatively brief. The surgery went just as planned, the evil tissue is long gone, and we bundled her on home before lunchtime. It's been a weekend of hibernation, rest and recovery ( though Papa M was orderd out of the house last night to hear some live music and drink a few White Russians). Today Rosebud made a sign to wear around her neck, upon which she wrote "I am OK." And she is looking forward to going back to school tomorrow. Sigh of relief.

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