Monday, June 11, 2007

Unready for my CLose-up

Dang if I didn't discover over the weekend that I'm in a local film. Believe it or not, this has never, to my knowledge, happened to me before. You see, along, long time ago, back when I was single, childless and had two healthy legs, I used to frequent a smoky bar that looked like a 70's rec room every Wednesday night to hoot and holler as the Cork & Bottle String Band played some sloppy bluegrass. It was a huge kick and became an unexpected scene. I was pals with some of the fellas in the band and took quite a few photos of their shenanigans. These guys were and are weird and funny creatures. OKay, zoom ahead 10 years to NOW.Wisconsin Film Fest gears up. The grapevine via the Cork & Bottle Liquor Store(which operates in the same building where we live, if you recall) reveals that a documentary has been made about the Cork & Bottle String Band, which includes many of my now-historic photos. I view the film for the first time this past weekend and yep, there's my kickass photos we took the day that all of the band members gussied up in 1800's old West ladies' dresses a la Miss Kitty. And, gak! Yep, there I am in the film for just a few seconds, happily dancing in front of the band in my purple t-shirt. Yep. That's what ya wanna see.

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