Sunday, June 3, 2007

License to Ill

I have a driver's license!!!!!! Those of you who know of my mortal terror of driving realize what a huge deal this is. I'd originally intended to get just a state ID with my new name, but thanks to my beloved Papa M, I was encouraged to go for the license (which was surprisingly easy to get, after having an expired license for 5 years). I was excited and scared, so I channeled my fear into worrying about my license photo turning out badly. I decided that, if it was going to be bad, I wanted it to be sensationally bad. And it is! I was caught offguard by the photographer AND I blinked. I thught about my friend Teena who once had a driver's license photo hat was so bad she pretended to lose the license so she could get another one, hopefully with a better photo. Unfortunately for her, the next photo was even worse. Her mouth was gaping open and she looke dlike she'd rolled her eyes into her head. Well, here's to you, Teena!


The Librarian said...

I've ridden with you (circa 1983), so I'm down with the whole terror thing. ;) Here in Minnesooooota, they'll let you look at your picture right after they take it, and then they'll ask if you want to try again. Once, they offered me several retries. Hey! Maybe I'm just ugly, okay?

HausFrau said...

When I got my California license in '93 the DMV was kind enough to magically lighten up my bright red flush (you've all seen it) but then when I renewed (ten years later) I got stuck with the original red-faced shot. At least I still look ten years younger! ; )

Congrats on your driver lady credentials Rock Mama! Vroom Vroom!

Delia said...

Aw, boo, I think it gives you that "don't fuck with me" kind of air. Congrats, hey?