Tuesday, May 29, 2007


We had such a lovely three day weekend, one that was difficult to leave. One of the best, brightest bits was a surprise visit from our pal John! He's a comedy writer, a former 'Sconnie boy who now resides in Brooklyn and has this tendency to appear at our door as though by magic. It usually goes like this: Ring ring! "Hello?" "I'm a-pickin'!" and I'd immediately shout back, "And I'm a-grinnin'! Where are you?" "About 5 minutes away from you. Wanna have lunch?"
John has been my friend for about 15 years. I was an honorary groomswoman in his wedding (though I wore the bridesmaid dress) and was included in such bachelor party activities as "Wanna come over and blow shit up on the proch?" We used to try to out-birthday gift each other. He gave me a Roloflex camera. I gave birth to Rosebud on his birthday. (I win) This past weekend both of his parents were feeling unwell, so he flew back to take care of them. Between putting them down for their naps and picking up their meds, he cozied in to our loving home, exhaled, and played with Rosebud while we relished his presence. It was hard to see him leave and it was hard for him to go. I so look forward to the day when he and his wife Lovely Cindy are back in the bosom of the Midwest, he writing crime novels and she playing with her new puppy. Love yer guts, John.

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