Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Festival of Beer

Two Sundays ago I wandered outside and much to my surprise found our building surrounded, nay INVADED by multitudinous strangers. Most seemed to have moved in quite comfortably, bringing chairs, snacks, reading materials, and friends to keep them company. Why, oh why were hundreds of people camped out around our home? Clearly they were not there to catch a glimpse of me, as I was mostly ignored when I made such a glimpse available to them. Upon further investigation, I discovered that they were there awaiting their holy grail: tickets to the Great Taste of the Midwest beer festival. The Cork & Bottle was selling tickets and these drinkers were serious as damn. Doors opened and both the tickets and the mutitude of drinkers were gone in (I'm serious) two minutes. These dedicated beer tasters do not mess around. Bless their hearts.

1 comment:

HausFrau said...

Drats, if I knew there was a beer festival line I would have joined it (but only for an added glimpse of Rock Mama and family!)