Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Date Weekend with Big Sunglasses

About once a month our parents ache for a visit from Rosebud, so she's off for some grandparent time for a few days. This, of course, means date time for RockMama and Papa M! We are very fortunate. We miss her terribly, but distract ourselves with all manner of fun, grown up adventure. Last weekend was such a three day date weekend. We watched several movies! Nowhere in these movies did we see the Animaniacs nor The Powerpuff Girls! We saw The Science of Sleep, which was very lovely, very pretty, rather fun and kind of heady. We also saw What's New Pussycat ("introducing Woddy Allen"!), which, after some thought, I recommend. It's very cool, hep, fun to see all the yummy hairstyles and clothes and young Peter O'Toole. It dissolves into a madcap mess, but that's forgiveable, all things considered. Probably best not to analyze too much. :)
Date weekend included white trash grilling in the driveway! I only regret that we have no photos of this. Papa M fired up our thrifted grill, set up a few chairs, and made a table of an organ bench, which held our condiments and plates. I brushed fresh asparagus from the farmers market with basil olive oil and put it right on the grill, along with a foil pack of potatoes, carrots and red peppers. I also had a veggie burger and Papa enjoyed several sausages, coutesy of my mom. The sun was warm and bright and the Doppel Blonde was cold and wet. Divine.
The next day we ventured to the 10th Annual WORT Block Party. I had the honor of playing the very first party with The Quickies, and all the best weirdness and WORT-ness remains. It's kind of the kickoff outdoor fest of the Madison season, so we were pleased to join in. Our pals The Motorz played a great set as we socialized and wandered into the No Crap On Tap beer garden. Truly, there was nothing but microbrewed, specialty deliciousness. Much discipline was required, and careful choices were made, including a flavorful IPA, and a lemony white beer, which was the perfect balance for the spicy, hot Jamerican veggie pies that we munched on for strength. Large sunglasses were the style of the day and love was in the air. Papa M and I love our mama & papa time together, but were tres happy to get our Rosebud back after the fest was over.
Huzzah! Summertime has officially begun!

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I like M's new look! Very groovy.