Monday, May 7, 2007

I Am a Gardener

As of yesterday, I am officially a dirt-digging grower of plants, especially since Rosebud bestowed the title "Gardener" upon me. Huzzah! Could it be that Rockmama's lifelong black thumb will finally turn a modest shade of green? I believe that with the help of Papa M (and ONLY with his help), it could be so. We've secured a fine dirt patch behind our apartment building, and will be co-gardening with neighbors Storey and Kori. Storey warned us that we may encounter difficulties including hungry rabbits, diseased dirt, and vagrant strangers, but we'll go forward fearlessly. If we end up with a surviving tomato plant or an ear of corn, we'll be pleased. And I like the fresh air and exercise. Seriously. If I'm getting exercise, I do NOT want to know about it, so gardening is perfect. Progress reports shall be forthcoming. Oh, glorious spring!

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