Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Little Miss Trouble

Last weekend we helped our friend Thuy (for those of you not fluent in Vietnamese, it's pronounced Twee) celebrate her birthday! She had a party in her backyard, one of those dreamy parties that makes me looove my city and community. We tend to celebrate in kid-friendly, food-friendly and beer-friendly ways, and this shindig had all three PLUS sparkly, summer-like weather. Thuy's sweetheart Bucky manned the grill while other well-wishers loaded down the table with orzo salad, cold asian noodles, quiche, and some delicious things I couldn't even identify. I had three plates of food and many beers. We sang happy birthday and Rosebud and I shared a yummy slice of chocolate almond cake.

Papa M fortified himself with a few bratwurst and played with the kids for awhile. Seriously, I never knew that children and adults could have so much uncompromising fun. We even let Rosebud run with a pack of kids for a bit, all on their own. Pictures were drawn, popsicles slurped, and Miles learned how to play "Iron Man" on Bucky's 12 string. Pap M grabbed a fabulous shot of all the kiddos, as you can see.
I was ultimately giddy with socializing. Multitudes of revelers showed up to wish Thuy a happy special day. There were several Andys with dandelion crowns. Our friend Page makes his own beer, which I now refer to as his Secret Weapon. He brought a rich concoction, undoubtedly a cousin to barley wine, which was very delish. Yet, I do believe that one glass of said libation was the cause for Rock Mama to go to bed early that night.
And summerish celebrations were thusly kicked into action. We were up bright and early for 9:00 church in Rio the next morning. That's another story...

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jennifer said...

oh my... please wish thuy a happy belated for me!!!! sounds like a dreamy party!!

i love that you are blogging now mama lisa!! i'm excited to pry into your sweet daily life! love you.