Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Jacket!

Many of you know that I see historical photographic treasures at my job on a daily basis. It's wonderful and I am lucky. Last week I caught wind of a workplace rumor that another treasure had arrived to the building and was locked away safely in the depths of the labrynthine basement. I demanded to be taken to the jacket of L!berace !! That's L!berace of West Allis, WI to you. And so I was taken to it, camera in hand. It was rolled out on a table like a body and glittered in all its magnificence. How could it not, with 7 lbs of rhinestones and sequins? He wore this in the photo that appeared on the cover of the biography that his creepy boyfriend (who kept getting plastic surgery to look more & more like his main man) published a year after Libby's death. This jacket was no mere showpiece, I can vouch for that. He wore it, and man, could he sweat!


HausFrau said...

holy crap! you & "the jacket" -- and the demands! the chef & I are impressed with your powers at getting immediate access to the glittering thing. You risk all for us.

Rock Mama said...

I risk because I care. XOXO

Norma said...

I demand to be taken to the jacket on my next visit, which will hopefully be sometime this summer. I've written a grant to go visit friends...er...do research at the archives. Not that not getting the money will stop me, mind you.