Tuesday, April 8, 2008


In an effort to catch you up on Marine life, I'll attempt to post a few stories this week that are a bit overdue for blogland. Let us begin with the baby shower! The conundrum: impending Mama Deenie, who is an original member of the local Ladies Salon, has moved to North Carolina where she is about to birth her first and very special child. The rest of the Salon remains in Madison and wants to celebrate the wee one with a baby shower. The resolution: we have the baby party here, plan to call her mid-celebration to let her know how much fun we're having, then pack up all the gifts and mail Deenie a shower-in-a-box. Brilliant!

And so the inspired gathering commenced one Sunday afternoon. It was a humble crowd of 4, Thuy, the Future Novelist, Dre, and yours truly, though we tucked into a tabletop of enough food for all guests invited, including those who couldn't make it. Dre's 4 year old son Thunderball borrowed my camera and took a photo of his bed, which he clarified is on the floor so he doesn't tumble off anymore. The delicious array of food included slices of fresh, crunchy jicama sprinkle with fresh lime juice and a dusting of chili powder--YUM. As expected, Thuy, having recently purchased a case of wine on a whim, brought a nice bottle (or two). We couldn't reach Deenie via phone and ended up having a lovely hanging-out time until I received a somewhat panicky call from Papa M. Rosebud's cold was escalating and she needed a trip to Urgent Care. An exciting end to a wonderful baby-bration! The 'Bud enjoyed her star mask and was fixed up straight away with the proper meds, which were very helpful. The Deenie baby is due in mere weeks and will be surrounded by local love (and onesies and nursing pillow and bibs...). The moral of this story is that if you want to give a party for someone you love who is not near you, don't let distance stop you.

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