Friday, August 15, 2008

Aunt Onette!

A few weeks ago we had the immense pleasure of a visit from our dear friend Aunt Onette! She and Rock Mama have maintained effortlessly a strong music mama and sisterly connection for lo, these past 15 years since they were roomies in the local palacial digs formerly occupied by the Haus Frau and the Chef. My goodness, the staying power of such friendships is a beautiful thing! I enjoyed being on vicarious vacation (though I WAS the one going to work every day), as we shared meals, libations, friends, delicious conversation, musical duets and my family. Oh Aunt Onette, do come back soon!

The lovely lady with the fabulous green hat of summer '08.

Rosebud sharpens her guitar skills with Auntie.

Hungry mothers are very attentive to the child with fries.

At the end of our trip, she waves good-bye as I get weepy (of course) in the airport car park. SMOOCH!

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