Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Weekend of Nonstop Fun: Sunday

Yes, patient friends, it has indeed been weeks since the Weekend of Nonstop Fun actually occured, and I am finally wrapping it up on ye ol' blog. I may not be punctual, but I guess it is indeed better to be living la vida bueno than sitting around writing about it.

My last installment features the famed and notorious SSP! You know, the fine potluck for middle-aged rockers, such as yours truly and pals. Wow, what an evening, which went beyond the wildest imaginings of me and my dear co-conspirator Biffers. We called; they came in mighty droves. Hundreds (literally) of rockers, fans, friends and fiends came bearing food, photos and artifacts from the rocking days of yore. There were three picnic tables loaded with food, and there was enough beer (two kegs of WI's finest!) and Blue Sky sody to float a battleship. There was a photographic rock and roll heaven to honor those who've passed. Amalgamations of musicians created band reunions and the music had to end way too early. As Feeny said, it was a great experiment and I say it was an inspiration as well. If you hear someone wishing out loud, don't be afraid to wonder, "Hmmm. We could really do that, couldn't we?"

Below are some great visual tidbits from the evening. For more photos, go here: www.photobucket.com/seniorscenesterpotluck
The door to Merlyn's!!

Viva the Tar Bab1es!

Lisa Double and Biffers reappear in an old photo.

Tip of the foodberg.

A buncha G0mers, a coupla Feenys.

Andy and Blunt incognito.

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