Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween Kid-Style

And so the festivities begin! We get into our fancy duds and launch our trick or treating four days before actual Halloween. Rock Mama winged it on her costume; one kid gave her the big stink-eye. Yeesh!

We have learned that if one is young and cute enough, one can trick or treat anywhere and everywhere, especially if that wee charming person is dressed as a mythical creature. Halloween was a blast this year! Behold the cuteness and sugar-coated joy:

Trick or treating at the library didn't turn up much candy, but there werre pencils aplenty.

We live in a college town, so why not trick or treat at the dorms?! The students know where the fun is fer sure.

Pretend animals unite! The Runicorn pals around with Bucky.

Rockmama and the Rosebud sort out the loot. This is merely the tip of the candy-berg.


HausFrau said...

wish we had a Rubicorn trick or treating in our neighborhood...with the lady prisoner too! (hey, what did Papa M wear?)

Rock Mama said...

Stay tuned for Halloween Adult-style for Papa M's costume!