Friday, November 14, 2008

Super Schoolgirl

Who is the happiest kindergatener EVER? You got it, t'is the beloved Rosebudly. Behold her first ever school picture. She did a magnificent job in smiling for the camera (even though I hear they no longer give the kids their own little, black, plastic comb). It's probably very easy for the 'Bud to look this happy because she loves school.

School apparently loves her back, which Papa M and Rock Mama discovered at our first-ever parent/teacher conference. We really got to sit in the tiny kindergarten-size chairs, which was very fun for some reason. Ms. Y confirmed that our one and only is doing wonderfully in school and loves to learn. She also told us that Rosebud is a kind and bright friend to the other children and loves to try new things. We're so proud and so lucky, we can hardly stand it. Thank the stars for this glorious girl.

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