Thursday, November 8, 2007


Lucky, happy me. I got to once again experience Mr. Robyn Hitchcock and his imcomparable music, this time in reverence at our own favorite club. Such a strange atmosphere, so quiet, attentive and, Everyone (except Marco) was hushed and well-behaved, seated in rows on folding chairs set up specially for this early (again, for we oldsters) show. My friend Bobbette and I found a good spot on the edge of a pool table behind theseated folks. We gasped in unison several times as the dreamy guitar sounds of "I'm Only You", "You and Oblivion", and "Balloon Man" launched into the dark room. The songs take me up at least five levels higher than any other favorite bands.

I tried to take a few photos, but the lighting and distance were against me. Luckily, my friend Cheese was front and center, and grabbed this stage shot. I did take the other photo of RH signing cd's after his set. He was wearing reading glasses on the end of his nose. Delightful.

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HausFrau said...

hooray! a picture with Robyn Hitchcock in a brightly patterned shirt makes any day a happy one. Two? Even better.