Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blizzard Wonderland

You may have heard that Mother Nature has been having a HILARIOUS time tossing down inch after inch of snow on our fair state. And who can begrudge her the fun, really? Even longtime 'Sconnies are all meow-meow-bitch-bitch-I-hate-Winter after all these years. It's pretty ridiculous. I'm sad for such folks that they cannot revel in the wearing of big, fur hats and cool boots. I must say, however, that I hope Ma Nature gives us enough of a break to let us travel to see our families for the holiday.

I do believe we've had nearly two feet of frozen fun so far. Rosebud, though she loves school, still cheers on snow days.

This used to be our car. Maybe you remember it.

Papa M has become a local hero for his magnificent battling of the elements with these mighty weapons.


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