Saturday, December 6, 2008


We got another beautiful, fluffy layer of snow, which cast an inescapable festive sense upon us. Now we're thinking about the upcoming family-and-friends-love holiday and have embraced it!

It was decided that this year we would get our first-ever REAL holiday tree. While I love our wee, lime green glitter tree, I was very excited at the idea of the pine-scented reality. We hit the urban evergreen forest where Rosebud fell in love with a white pine.

Piney was transformed in our livingroom with sparkly, colored lights and ornaments collected over the years. The highlights of the latter include spray-painted music cassettes from the Pregnant Christmas, which read "Happy holidays 2002 from Papa M, Rockmama, and ???", a vintage, metal treble clef, and a tinfoil angel that has miraculously survived since Papa M's childhood.

The whole family is feeling pretty festive. Rosebud expresses her happiness in no uncertain terms.

Happy December!!!!

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HausFrau said...

viva la sparkly lights, tin foil angel and festive spirit! (we are caroling along w/ John Denver and the Muppets chez Flannestad).