Saturday, December 6, 2008


Holiday season kicked off in the Marine Living Space with a delicious four-day weekend full of giving thanks, family, long-lost friends, a MamaPapa date and feasting. Much good living was savored.

Jenryan left Alaska to visit us! She brought a moosie for Rosebud and a chocolate Grizzly Bar for we, the parents. Jenryan and Papa M have been friends for many a year, so her return was like a family reunion.

We had a traditional, intimate dinner with Amazing Grace in R10 (Grandpa Dave was in the woods with his buddies, as usual), and were so busy being familyish that few photos were snapped. Rosebud was spotted in front of the house playing in the hedge.

Our girl had such a great time with Grandma Amazing Grace that we left her there. Papa M and Rock Mama luxuriated in one another's company and had a soothing two-day date spent sleeping late, thrifting, going for drives, watching 'Weeds', and snuggling.

This is the view from our table when we went a-brunching at our favorite neighborhood bar. Though the place used to be blue with smoke and stinky with spilled libations, it's kept its charm and offered up some daytime vegetarian benedict and mimosas.

After fetching Rosebud, we connected with our long-lost dear Lady T at her brother's holiday brunch. It was another happy reunion! She is a unique beast, a wonderful writer and my own personal Zsa Zsa, and was missed by all very much.

Oh my. The brunch was divinity itself. Thank you, Andre! We're now well-fortified to continue holiday season.

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